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Pink Lungs vs Black Lungs

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I’m a long-time cigarette smoker, having enjoyed every lung-filling, nicotine and tar infused pleasure puff I’ve ever inhaled since way back before most of you were born. I think it’s a safe bet that my lungs are no longer pink nor probably have they been for quite a few decades. As much as I continue to enjoy filling my lungs with burning tobacco fumes, the cost of a pack has become so high that I recently decided to begin rolling my own. So I went on You Tube to get some tutorial information and found several, anti-smoking videos posted with the obvious and shameless intent to scare people from smoking.
On one video a couple of doctors or morgue technicians are holding up a couple of pairs of lungs recently cut out of human cadavers. One pair, presumably from a non-smoker are pristine pink and the other, presumably from a heavy smoker are darkened black. I assume the producers of this graphic demonstration intend to scare all smokers and would-be smokers into swearing off cigarettes immediately. But then I thought; What good are pink lungs to a cadaver? That his/her lungs were pink at the time of death is a moot point since he/she is dead in any event just like the person who’s lungs were black when he/she expired.
I guess my point is that when it comes to pink lungs vs. black lungs, death is imminent and inexorable for all of us, smokers and non-smokers alike. Since there’s no way to escape death, we might as well be the cadavers who, while alive, enjoyed the continual pleasue of filling our respatory organs with the sensational satisfaction of nicotine and tar infused, cigarette smoke. I mean, do you really want to deny yourself the pleasures of smoking just so you can die with pink lungs? The choice is yours. I say; keep lighting up and smoking your way to a satisfied and pleasured life and avoid dying with pink lungs by any means.I agree. It’s a smoker’s life for me :) Filling your lungs with that thick, rich, nicotine-filled smoke is what it is all about. Taking deep drags and sucking the smoke into the deepest parts of your lungs will ensure that your body gets all of the nicotine that is needs from each and every cigarette. The pleasure I have from lighting up 30 time each and every day of my life is all of the reward that I need. Black, tar-filled lungs are one of the by-products of the habit – it’s a choice that we all make every time we inhale. But the pleasure it worth it.Smokers having black lungs is a myth. They only turn black when you have lung cancer.big deal, we all know the risks about smoking and the damage it does, I am happy with that and knew all about the risks before i started. So i love the idea of having lungs that match the colour newport cigarettes contact of my leather jacket, I love black leather so I love my black lungsLike the Rolling Stones say, “Paint It Black.”i love inhaling that thick rich smoke in my lungs, turning them black. taking deep drags and holding it in until theres nothing to exhale. let your lungs absorb every bit of that amazing tar. my grandmother is 102 yrs old and been smoking since she was 17. so dont tell me smoking will 100% kill you. :) i will smoke forever.I have smoked for a lot of years and just the thought of my black tar filled lungs makes me want to smoke some more. I truly love inhaling large amounts of smoke right to the bottom of my black lungs. Our whole family has black tar filled lungs and enjoy filling them with smoke over and over again. I love my black lungs and intend to keep them that way!It speaks for itself don’t believe any of the black lung propaganda. The antis are notable for gross lies and minor distortions.For me smoking is not just the nicotine it is the act of inhaling the smoke. Nicotine can be had with patches, gum and other ways, but there is nothing takes the place of actually inhaling the smoke deep into my lungs. Only those that smoke can understand that feeling. I have a friend the thought that she wanted to quit smoking, tried patches, gum and perscription medication, and some times all three at the same time and still wanted to smoke. She said, when I ask her why she was still smoking with all the substitutes, she said that what she really liked about smokeing was the smoke, the act of inhaling smoke into her lungs and then exhaling it out and the nicotine was just an extra of the experience. I agree, the act of filling my lungs with smoke is the greatest, black lungs and all.I am so happy that I have tar filled, black lungs :) Every time I think about how my heavy smoking has turned my lungs black and filled them with tar it makes me so happy and proud to be a heavy cigarette smoker! Every time I suck on a burning cigarette I know im giving my lungs exactly what they need to feel as good as possible. My lungs crave the harsh, hot, thick tobacco smoke my burning Marlboro Red 100s give them. I am so happy in life knowing every day im going to be constantly pumping cigarette smoke in and out of my black, tar filled lungs :)
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